Biological Architecture Lab (2015-17) was an interdisciplinary collaboration, including biological scientists, micro-engineers, anatomists, architects and artists, exploring biologically inspired architecture. This included workshops, symposia as a means to catalyse new interdisciplinary research and teaching projects. The project was a response to the emergent fields of synthetic biology and biodesign, providing a platform for speculation and experimentation, based on collaborative imagining, across disciplinary fields.

Members of the Surface Agency played a prominent role in presenting work, including poster based graphics, projective montages and gallery based installations, representing these emergent synthetic fields. These works presented attributes of living systems, such as responsiveness, duplication, emergence and duplication, re-interpreted as biological architectures, to enliven discourse on the potential of new living technologies to contribute positively as restorative systems, while highlighting many challenging issues, such as the problems associated with translating system attributes and functions from one entity or scale to another. Biototems were produced as speculative visions of biological architectures and the positive environmental functions they could perform, such as hyper-accumulating toxins or harvesting energy, providing a vision of futuristic landscapes.

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