Scopic Practice explores forms of creative practice concerned with revealing qualities of the living world. Scopic Practices can be defined as creative processes that bring a phenomenon beyond immediate perceptible grasp into scope, involving the use of media based instrumentation to experimentally simulate and reveal the transient and ephemeral qualities of a range of natural phenomena. At a time of significant environmental concern, the projects aims are to consider how advances in technology and aesthetic theory have informed how the environment is experienced and imagined, to develop understanding of how process-oriented and time based practices can interpret and reveal a telescopic range of scales, from the cosmic, climatic, seismic, atmospheric, biomorphic, to the microscopic.

Practice based outcomes have included a range of experimental works, which capture and reveal qualities of the living world, from the flocking of birds, fluvial action of a stream, trajectory of the moon, as abstracted works that bring natural phenomenon, which are either vast and extensive or small and subtle, into expression.

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